Dear who may concerned,
We appreciate that you are interested in Studiofake.
It is founded in 2000 and began from tiny game company.
We have grown up to a creative company to widely manage from development the games, handling a shop to retailing goods.
Although we manage widely field, It is never change for us to keep being professionals. We always do our best at working so much that sometimes we are laughing, sometimes we are crying, it is necessary to make work enjoyable to carry out right tender strictness. We are recruiting the person who sympathize us. Especially for carriers, the person who are active to solve the problems, do not hesitate to communicate, get new management sill or training for younger stuffs and carry out aggressively for every situation even if not you’re your field of expertise.

For new graduates


Screening of the documents

We look through the documents about whether you will go together or not. It is especially focused on that your character, thoughts, method and preference could be suits to our workplace.
Imagine, if you were a soccer aficionado and slipped into the baseball fans, you would adjust yourself to people supporting soccer…
Through the 1st selection we are trying not to product these mismatch.


aptitude test

We measure your potentials from your character and abilities with an objective eye. It will care about matching to our staff on your character.
*you will sometimes get group work.



It is different from every interview what to ask about you. To search your possibility as we can possible, you will be asked variety things by people such as a representative, a director and a staff.
For example, What kind of work did you try hard? What do you work on right now? What do you expect from our company as your workofiice?
We look your communication skill or logical thinking with this conversation.
*you sometimes need to come several times.


Job trial

You will work at studiofake together so that we can know to get along each other.
It takes about 1week. * It will be different from your situation.


Game programmer
(development work)
-Summary You will play a role in create a games, or its related programs, of TV/business games, app, PC game and web games using C, C++ and any other languages. -necessary documents 1. workable program cord(including game and any other one)
*Please tell us if you need special environment to start it.
2D/3D graphic designer
(development work)
-Summary You will be responsible for commercialization products and creation of 2D graphic, Characters’ goods and 3D modeling including background, motion and effect using Maya, 3dsmax, Photoshop, Illustrator, Aftereffects and so on. -necessary documents 1. Portfolio (Please be sure to include your drawing or sketch)
*please hand in CD/DVD if you would like to submit movie or game.
*please hand in photos if you would like to submit three-dimensional object
(development work)
-Summary According to director’s order, you will be responsible for planning for game, movie, and fancy character. You will be in charge mainly to make business proposal or specifications, input variety data and explain details of the specification to a programmer and designer. -necessary documents Proposal for game or commercialization of characters (Contents do not matter)
*Please make the proposal to make us adopt your plan.
Office manager
(Business management section)
-Summary You will be responsible for wide range works from such as executive secretary, general affairs, accounting, public relations, human resources, legal affairs, sales and customer service to creative works(e.g. creating printing document, HP and so on).
*when we held some event or exhibition, you will be required to conduct it. -necessary documents Personal summary (Any formal do not mattter)
Please show us your attraction.

Working conditions

Development work: At least 240,000 JPY
*During trial job, 200,000 JPY (same as a contract worker)
Business management section: At least 200,000 JPY
*During trial job, 180,000 JPY (same as a contract worker)
Commuting allowance will be paid.
Working hours
Development work: Flexible work hours (the eight-hour day)
Business management section: 10:00~19:00(1 hour break time)
*We have a morning assembly every morning.
*Day duty term of younger employee must attend at 10:00 a.m.
*Overtime will be increased in busy season for either development work and business management section.
A five day working week
Summer vacation
New Year holiday
Yearly paid holiday (12 days in 1st year)
Congratulations and Condolence Leave
Project Holiday (Only Development stuff for about 1 week after the project)
* Japanese holiday will be creative day which mean you can work even at home.
Social insurance (health insurance and welfare insurance) Labor insurance (employment insurance and compensation insurance)


For 1st selection: Screening of the documents
Please directly send your documents below;
-Resume with your photo (Please write down one or more particular position you are interested in.)
-Work experience (Including part time jobs)
-Degree, diploma or Certificate of expected graduation and Transcript od results (Official Grade report) *any letters needs to be sealed.
-Essay for “why do you want to work at studiofake?” (About 250 words)
-required documents for your particular jobs
*If you make a movie as your work, please send it as CD or DVD.
*Please write your part when you made a production with group work.
*An in completed form results in an automatic disqualification


studiofake Co.,Ltd.
Business management section
3F, No4, Emusta Bldg.
2-17-27,Mizonokuchi,Takatsu-ku,Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, 213-0001, Japan
Tel. 044-829-3400

Outcome of the 1st selection

-We will contact you about the next selection within 2 weeks if you can pass through the 1st selection.
-We are really sorry but if you will not receive an outcome, you just miss it. I hope our paths will cross again someday.


-Please send copied or printed data for your documents. We cannot return any documents you have.
-Please send all together your documents and resume. Do not send your items separately. *An in completed form results in an automatic disqualification.
-We DO NOT accept a giant or super heavy creation, perishable items and hazardous materials. Thank you.
-I would like you to know, just in case, the selection member will be included young and purely woman. It is very rarely but some of you send us explicated items. Please understand our situation and we will not make any explicated games in the future.


You need to come our office after 2nd selection.
-We are welcome to your application even if you miss it in the past.
*It is necessary to submit all documents every time.
-If you have any other questions, Please contact us below:Mail Form